Cara Mia Wines are produced using many of the same Old World artisanal techniques that have been part of this family’s winemaking tradition for nearly 100 years.

The La Delizia family has been a renowned Italian group of vintners for over a century. Over several generations, we’ve fine-tuned our techniques to produce brilliant examples of Old World wines. Producing wines that people will enjoy is of the utmost importance to our family.
Cara Mia grapes are grown in the Friuli region which is located in the northeastern corner of Italy. The Friulian plain is an ideal AVA for white wines and boasts some of the most beloved wines in all of Italy. The rolling hills are ideal for growing red varietals that produce spicy, full-bodied wines.  
Through the years, Cara Mia wines have continued to be produced with a level of care and attentiveness that only the greatest wine makers can provide. We’d like our wines to be accessible to both avid wine drinkers and the general wine enthusiast from all corners of the world.